Queen Elizabeth Park Engagement Session

May 28, 2020

*All photos were shot for Beautiful Life Studios*

This was a recent shoot I did for Beautiful Life Studios! I had met this couple earlier this year at the studio for a quick meet up and chat about their wedding next year.

These two use to work together at Best Buy until they both got different jobs! It was cool because I found out Tylor worked at the Head Office of a company I had worked for as well (later I realized he had actually interviewed me for a job - which I obviously didn’t get but no hard feelings at all!). Such a funny coincidence! 

During our initial meeting we clicked on so many levels and I was overly keen on getting to know them better and shoot their wedding next year! I was also excited to find out that they had just got a cute pup named Gus!! 

Anyways, fast forward to their Engagement Session…

We shot these beautiful photos in Queen Elizabeth park at sunset! This was the actually same location I had shot my first engagement session in years ago! I love how my work has grown and evolved since!! 

I got to the location an hour before the couple so I could seek out some new and interesting spots! I also wanted to have a better idea where the best areas would be when the sun goes down. 

These two were so easy going and it was no effort at all capturing the love and happiness between them. They were super chill and happy to try out some of the unusual photo spots I found! Those ones turned out to be my favourite! I had a lot of fun shooting these two and I’m happy they loved the final result!

Can’t wait to shoot these two on their wedding day next Valentines Day!! <3